Bohemian print flat sandals with ankle ties

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Not only are the designs bright and beautiful, but these super cute sandals give you that Island or beach vibe!!!!! What a GREAT selection with the look, feel and comfort, they can match up with anything from a cute sundress to a pair of shorts. Make sure to grab a couple of colors, they come in 3 choices and are selling out fast the closer Spring & Summer approach. 
These shoes offer silk material, easy slip on, ankle tie around, cute round toe shape, rubber out-sole, closed back heel, a flat sandal with just a hint of a back heel, silk material on the shoe, they are an open and airy shoe and come in 3 awesome colors!!! With Spring right around the corner, these are selling like crazy so make sure to get yours today!!! You do not want your favorite to be gone because you waited.   Allow up to 28 days for delivery

  • Colors:    Blue, Black & Yellow
  • Sizes:      4 - 10.5