Breathable casual slip on water shoes sandals ~ 5 colors!

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Water shoes with style. Love the cool design these offer and as a Florida girl I know the importance of these at the beach. They not only form fit so it feels like you do not have anything on, they protect from the hot sand, smaller shells and can even work for yoga because of the fit and ease. They come in 5 colors and with summer around the corner, will sell out fast! Weather you live by the beach, or will be visiting it, these are a must have.
These water shoes offer a full foot cover, stretch fabric, easy slip on and have a rubber outsole. With this price and awesome colors, grab a few you will be glad you did!   allow up to 28 days for delivery 

  • Colors:     Blue, Dark Green, Green, Red, Sky Blue
  • Sizes:       6 - 11